Elefun Butterfly Catching Game

ElefunElefun will keep your little ones lively all Christmas with his butterfly blowing tricks. He comes with a 4 foot long trunk, and when Elefun blows hard, colourful butterflies fly into the air out of his trunk and flutter back to earth.

This cute baby elephant will have your children and their friends (and who knows, maybe even the adults)  jumping around with excitement as they race to collect the most butterflies in their nets.

You never know where the butterflies will land, so grab your net and get ready to start catching! As they flutter down in all directions, you’ll need to be quick and accurate to get them in your net.

Elefun lets your children practice their catching skills with the handy butterfly nets but even if they are not quite coordinated enough for the nets yet, they can still win by scooping up the butterflies from the floor before anyone else. That way, there is no problem with the game being played by slightly older or younger brothers and sisters.

As with a lot of this kind of toy, Elefun does need 4 C-type batteries, so don’t get caught out by this classic source of pain at Christmas. Once they are installed, up to 4 players can play with him and even children as young as 3 will enjoy the fun.

The game comes with 30 butterflies, so each round is fast and furious – followed by collecting and reloading the trunk and one thing that has been suggested by previous owners is that you could try shortening the trunk by a small amount if the butterflies get stuck on their way out. This seems to have been a very successful strategy for keeping Elefun working even when the batteries run a bit low.


If this is a must have gift, order now to avoid disappointment.


Elefun Box Contents

  • Elefun himself.
  • Elefun Trunk which extends up to 4 feet in length.
  • 4 Butterfly Nets & Handles
  • 30 Butterflies
  • Elefun Game Instructions